Unsettling facts on Temelín Factsheet
12 March 2002
This sheet reveals the facts concerning unauthorised welding work and faulty welding documentation in the first block of the Temelín nuclear power plant. It puts a special focus on the role of the so-called "independent" nuclear regulatory office SUJB in this affair.

Press Releases

11 October 2002 The present scandals in the Japanese nuclear industry resemble the secret repair in Temelin
14 April 2002 SUJB still did not conclude investigation to faulty repair in nuclear part of Temelin block 1 According to Czech law the reactor cannot be restarted this week
6 June 2002 GREENPEACE brings SUJB for court: "Secret report indicates safety faults in Temelín"
2 February 2002 Greenpeace demands from Czech nuclear regulator SUJB the release of documents on the inspection of a secret repair in Temelin
12 October 2001 Greenpeace: Police misled in Temelin
Czech nuclear regulatory office did not fulfill control function
5 April 2001 Greenpeace demands re-opening of investigation of unauthorized repair in Temelin
13 December 2000 GREENPEACE demands also inclusion of whistleblower information in the environmental audit process
11 December 2000 GREENPEACE calls on Zeman, Schuessel and Verheugen: DON'T LOOK BACK, LOOK FORWARD!
10 October 2000 Activation of Temelin is playing with people's lives
13 September 2000 Greenpeace calls on the Czech government's responsibilities: prevent activation of a dangerous Temelín.
12 September 2000 Czech government will have to proof itself tomorrow
Greenpeace demands list of actions for Temelin
8 September 2000 Greenpeace demands urgent investigation into possible fault in the primary cooling circuit of the Czech Temelin Nuclear Power Plant
6 September 2000 Greenpeace calls on the Czech government to use all its responsibilities to prevent the activation of a dangerous Temelín.
28 August 2000 Greenpeace: It is a real possibility that in 1994 documents vital for nuclear safety were falsified in the Temelin NPP.
23 August 2000 German study and internal evidence show that Temelín is not safe enough to activate
Greenpeace: SUJB does not give Czech Government the full picture
21 July 2000 Temelin trying to silence informers
Greenpeace calls for openness on nuclear safety
7 June 2000 Will the Czech Republic export all electricity from Temelín under price to Germany?
2 June 2000 Does CEZ export electricity to dumping prices?


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