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Zprávy k 54. zasedání IWC:

Science, Culture or Commerce? The truth about Japanese whaling, May 2002 (54k)
Rigging the System: How Japan is buying control of the International Whaling Commission, May 2002 (20k)
Buying a Return to Commercial Whaling: How the government of Japan uses fisheries grant aid to secure pro-whaling votes in the IWC, April 2002 (142k)
Scientific Whaling: the true story. A critique of the Fisheries Agency of Japan's document "What are Japan's whale research programmes", May 2002 (585k)
Unsustainable and Uncontollable: what's wrong with the RMS, May 2002 (51k)
The Truth Behind Komatsu's book "The truth behind the whaling dispute", April 2002 (83k)

What's Wrong with Whaling? 4 pages (73k), December 2001

A Majority Bought, Not Won, 1 page (63k)

Zprávy k 53. zasedání IWC:

Japanese Whaling: the truth behind the Fisheries Agency of Japan's public relations campaign.
Vote buying: Japan's strategy to secure a return to large-scale whaling.
Norwegian whaling: an export driven industry.
Whale watching and Caribbean Island tourism.
Whales in a degraded ocean.

Whale Watching: Caribbean island tourism and the whale watching industry, Greenpeace 2001

Whale Watching: Principles and policy guidelines on whale watching

South Pacific Whale Sanctuary: How the South Pacific Whale Sanctuary was defeated, Greenpeace 2001

Vote Buying: Japan's chosen strategy to secure a return to large scale whaling Greenpeace 2001

Japanese whaling - an uncontrollable industry, Greenpeace International, February 2000

The South Pacific Sanctuary: Background paper on the need for a South Pacific Sanctuary. Greenpeace UK

CITES briefing, Greenpeace UK

Japan pushes commercial whaling into the new millennium, Greenpeace UK, December 1999

A Global Strategy for Protecting the Great Whales, Greenpeace International, May 1999

Norway: Commercial Whaling on the Rise, Greenpeace International, May 1999

Whales in Competition with Commercial Fisheries: A Modern Myth Based on Pseudo-Science Greenpeace International, May 1999

Whale Populations, Greenpeace International

In Harm's Way: Twenty-Five Years of Saving Whales, Greenpeace USA