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  expedice do jižních moří kolem Antarktidy

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30 prosinec: Ptáci

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19 prosinec: Akce na rozbouřeném moři

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"Byli to báječní lidé. Díky každému z nich za jejich pomoc."
- Kieran Mulvaney (vedoucí expedice)


In port
February 9

Man overboard! Bringing the boat around I head back towards the 'man' bobbing in the water. Approaching carefully, steering just a little to port, then a little to starboard. Now I'll nudge it back to port and come right along side and...oops. Ran him over. Read on >>

Whales are not for sale.

Global day of action.
January 23th - in port

A Greenpeace boat cruises up and down the Yarra river in downtown Melbourne while activists take to the street to rally support for an end to commercial whaling.

Open boat day.

Photo retrospective.
January 21th - in port

Thanks to everyone who came to yesterday's open boat. It was fun having you all aboard.

Here is a look back on our expedition to Antarctica.

Land ho!

Expedition's end.
January 16th - Day 49

Today the Arctic Sunrise arrived in Melbourne. We wanted to keep the whalers guessing as long as possible, but as alert readers may have guessed from yesterday's update, this expedition is over. However, the year's work has just begun - see the update for details.

Scruba scruba.

January 14th - Day 47

Wow, it was nice out today. Perfect deck washing weather.

Coffee break.

January 13th - Day 46

Sunday is the day off for most of the crew. Here is what a few folks are doing with their spare time.

Cold water.

January 11th - Day 44

The symptoms and treatment of immersion hypothermia.

On watch.

A night of watches.
January 10th - Day 43

The story of three watches, told by three different watch keepers.


Ice and icebergs.
January 9th - Day 42

A few shots of the ice and icebergs we have passed along the way.
(Flash slideshow)

Nisshin Maru and catcher.

The whaling fleet.
January 7th - Day 40

Get to know Japan's whale hunting fleet.

Nisshin Maru.

Whalers chased out of area.
January 6th - Day 39

We've chased the whalers out of their self-designated hunting area - at least for now.

What a real iceberg looks like.

Iceberg patrol.
January 5th - Day 38

Another night of chasing whalers - followed by a day of fairly rough weather. Rolling 20 degrees off centre as of dinnertime.

Whalers found.

Whalers found.
January 4th - Day 37

Kieran's account of how we found the whalers, and Dave's tale of how they tried to lose us again.


January 3rd - Day 36

It's a big ocean down here. Here's an update on how our search for the whalers is going.

Stop Whaling.

Whalers on the run
December 23th - Day 25

Clearly the whalers thought they could ignore us, and the world. Now they are running. Maybe they've changed their minds.

Stop Whaling.

The longest day
December 21th - Day 23

Today is the summer solstice down here in the southern hemisphere. It's the longest day of the year, and we had no idea when we woke up how true that would be.

View from a porthole.

Action in rather rough weather
December 19th - Day 21

Not sure if the weather's good enough for whaling today. Better go out and check.

Blocking the transfer.

The whaling process
December 16th - Day 18

For the first time in over a decade, footage of a whale being killed in the Southern Ocean was recorded today. Here are photos of the whaling process.


Podívejte se na video natáčené z helikoptéry Greenpeace zachycující velrybáře harpunující plejtváka malého dne 16. prosince 2001 (QuickTime player)